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I have followed integration steps for MagicDraw 17.0 and Eclipse 3.7, but I see no integration inside of Eclipse. What should I do?

MagicDraw 17.0 SP2 and earlier is not compatible with Eclipse 3.7.

We suggest you to integrate MagicDraw 17.0 SP2 with Eclipse 3.6.

uml2ecore transformation of openArchitectureWare framework does not work on Linux, Mac OS

Symptom: you get the following error when doing uml2ecore transformation:

797 INFO CompositeComponent - Generator.contraintsEtc: generating 'org::openarchitectureware::util::uml2ecore::templates::files::root FOR ecoreModel' => directory 'meta/' 7823 ERROR WorkflowRunner - org/openarchitectureware/util/uml2ecore/templates/files.xpt: unexpected char: 0xFFFD (Note, that char may be different, e.g. on Mac, unexpected char: 0xB4 is encountered)

Cause: uml2ecore transformation contains a bug, which precludes it from working on systems, where default file encoding is non standard. For example on Ubuntu v7.04 (Feisty Fawn) default encoding is UTF-8; Mac OS X, MacRoman encoding is used bu default. This causes transformation to fail, because files.xpt template file in the transformation plugin is encoded in ISO-8859-1.

This bug is not a bug in MagicDraw, but a bug in openArchitectureWare. This bug is acknowledged and tracked in oAW bug list: This bug is present in oAW v4.1.2. Currently we do not know, when this issue will be fixed.


1) locate the uml2ecore plugin jar file. This file is usualy /plugins/org.openarchitectureware.util.uml2ecore_4.1.2.v20070314.jar (note that version numbers/dates may be slightly different in your install). Backup this file somewhere, we will be editing it.

2) inside this jar archive, locate uml2ecoreWorkflow.oaw file, open it in editor and scroll to the bottom.

3) locate the oaw.xpand2.Generator invocation component (id="Generator.contraintsEtc"), and add additional tag inside. Here is the final result you should get:


4) update jar archive with this new version of uml2ecoreWorkflow.oaw file

5) restart Eclipse.

uml2 ecore transformation should now run cleanly.

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