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Major Issues

Java versions 1.6.0_39 and higher or 1.7.0_13 and higher are incompatible with MagicDraw v17.0.2 (prior SP3) and v17.0.3 (prior SP1) and older versions.

What is the Reason That Has Caused Java 6 Update 39 and higher or Java 7 Update 13 and higher Incompatibility With Our Products?

It was Oracle’s mistake in introducing the undocumented behavior changes that have caused the incompatibility between Java and our product. As a result, MagicDraw 17.0.2 &17.0.3 and older versions are not compatible with Java 6 update u39 and higher or Java 7 update u13 and higher.
Oracle Java 6 update u39 and higher or Java 7 update u13 and higher have undocumented changes in the way the threading works.  


Please manually* update to:

  • Service pack 3 for MagicDraw 17.0.2 which solves this incompatibility issue was released on 25th February 2013.
  • Service pack 1 for MagicDraw 17.0.3 which solves this incompatibility issue was released on 4th March 2013.

For older MagicDraw versions we highly recommend using the officially recommended Java version:

  • 1.6.0_31 for MagicDraw v17.0.2 (prior SP3).
  • 1.7.0_07 (1.6.0_35 for Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion) for MagicDraw v17.0.3 (prior SP1).

In order to change Java version which MagicDraw uses, please follow the instructions in this file.

* - autoupdate feature fails to install these service packs because of Java incompatibility. You should follow the instructions for manual update.

To handle the problem, please use the following workaround:

  1. Open the* file that can be found in <MagicDraw installation folder>\bin.
  2. Next to JAVA_ARGS, add the following line:
    JAVA_ARGS=-Xmx2396M -XX\:PermSize\=60M -XX\:MaxPermSize\=200M
    -DLOCALCONFIG\=true -splash\:data/splash.gif -Xss1024K
  3. Restart MagicDraw.

The issue will be fixed in v17.0.4 SP1.


* If you are using MagicDraw 17.0.5 or later, the name of the property file is

Fix for this problem is described at

To solve the problem:

  1. Open the file, which is located in <MagicDraw* installation directory>/bin.
  2. From the JAVA_ARGS= line, remove the -splash\:data/splash.gif parameter

After this fix, on MagicDraw* startup, the spash screen will not be displayed for a few second, but the open file list dialog refresh problem will be solved.

The fix is sheduled into the nearest release.




* - This is valid for all MagicDraw-based Cameo Suite products.

MagicDraw stops responding due to an issue detected in Java SE 7 Update 40, which is bundled with MagicDraw 17.0.5 (for the issue details, go to

This issue will be fixed in MagicDraw 17.0.5 SP1, coming out in the middle of February.

To solve the issue manually (without the SP), switch the version of the bundled Java to SE 7 Update 25*, which does not cause the issue. For this, do the following:

  1. Open the file, stored in <MagicDraw installation directory>/bin.
  2. Find the JAVA_HOME property and add the path to the location of Java SE 7 Update 25 on your PC. For example, “JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_25.jdk/Contents/Home”.

Please contact our customer support, if this does not help.

* If you do not have Java SE 7 Update 25 installed on your PC, download the installer from the Java SE 7 Downloads page. You need the jdk-7u25-macosx-x64.dmg file.

To get the best effect of MagicDraw, lower your screen resolution to HD 1920 x 1080.
The simplest way to change resolution settings is to right-click anywhere on your desktop and select Screen resolution. Then use the slider to select the required setting.
We are working to find ways to support HiDPI.

You can turn off scaling by including a certain parameter to the file.

  1. Open <MagicDraw installation directory>\bin.
  2. Find and open
  3. Find line JAVA_ARGS= and add -Dmagicdraw.resolution.scale=1 to it.

This happens because of the Model Browser refresh problem with MagicDraw 18.0.
To solve this problem, do one of the following:

  • Refresh the project (press F5).
  • Save the project (press Ctrl+S).
  • Change the Model Browser settings. For example, turn on the Show Auxiliary Resources option.

This is a known Java bug. This issue will be fixed in MagicDraw 18.3, but in the meantime you can upgrade to the recommended Java version.

After installation, open <MagicDraw installation directory>\\bin, and modify the* file.

Change line JAVA_HOME= to correspond with the Java version you\'ve installed.

* If you are using MagicDraw 17.0.4 or earlier, the properties file is called

This is a known Java bug. This issue is fixed in MagicDraw 18.4. If you are using MagicDraw 18.3 and earlier versions, you can use the recommended Java version that comes with installation.

Once you have installed the recommended Java version, do the following:

  1. Open the bin folder <MD install directory>\bin.
  2. Open the file
  3. Look for the line "JAVA_HOME=" and change the Java version with the one you have installed.

Solution is to run file from the /bin directory.

This issue affects the version 18.4 of MagicDraw, Cameo Systems Modeler, Cameo Enterprise Architecture and Cameo Business Modeler.

Please update your modeling tool to the version 18.4 SP1 to avoid the installation incompatibility.

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