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The UML metamodel in UML_Standard_Profile.xml includes only metaclasses and no attributes. However, we need them for defining OCL constraints.

MagicDraw uses the simplified metamodel profile that has no attributes visualized. But the attributes still exist in the code.

As a solution we suggest you to use the sample of the full metamodel profile, because it has no striped attributes. We use this profile mainly as a reference when writing OCL constraints.

Download the sample of the full metamodel profile, using the MagicDraw capabilities:

1. From the Help menu, select Resource/Plugin Manager.

2. Click the Check for Updates button.

3. Wait while the checking for updates is finished.

4. In the Filter box, choose All Resources.

5. In the product list, scroll down to the UML Standard Profile with attributes for OCL and select it.

6. Click the Download / Install button.

The full metamodel profile will be stored in the " /samples" directory.

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