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I have created my own MagicDraw plugin with customer diagram, profile, templates and samples. How do I pack them to share for multiple users through MagicDraw Resources Manager.

Resource Manager needs more information which is stored in resource descriptor. It must know what files were installed because it must be able to perform uninstall operation.

I have attached our free form custom diagram. It would be best if you will look through this sample and I'll describe main rules for descriptor writing. You will find descriptor file in "data/resourcemanager/MDR_Custom_Diagram_Free_Form_1513_descriptor.xml".

- xml tag

- "id" is most important. It must be unique. To prevent duplicates in future use "22**", for example "2201".

- "name" must be unique between all MagicDraw resources.

- "type" must be one of: "Custom Diagram", "Plugin", "Profile", "Sample", "Template".

- is your resource version

- will be needed only if your resource depends on other resources.

- defines files which will be installed. Do not use "*.*" (all files in directory) in common directories like " /samples" because uninstalling your resource will remove all files from this directory!

- each tag defines one file which must be copied to "MagicDraw root" directory.

Descriptor file must be placed in your resource zip file in directory "data/resourcemanager" whith specific naming. Name of descriptor file is formed from values from tag: "MDR_ _ _ _descriptor.xml", all spaces in names is replaced by underscore symbol "_".

Resource sample you may find here.

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