SysML 16.5 SP2 has a modification of MD_customization_for_SysML.mdzip how to update MD_customization_for_SysML.mdzip in our Teamwork Server and successfully work with it?:

1. Login with appropriate right, preferable 'Administrator'.

2. Remove MD_customization_for_SysML.mdzip from your Teamwork Server.

3. Create a new SysML project.

4. Add the newly-created SysML project to Teamwork.

5. In the Add Project to Teamwork Settings dialog, select the Local Modules tab.

6. Ensure that the Action for MD_customization_for_SysML.mdzip is Add to Teamwork.

7. Click the Add button in the Add Project to Teamwork Settings dialog.

MD_customization_for_SysML.mdzip will be automatically updated in your Teamwork.

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