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Purchased MagicDraw software installation files and unlock keys are stored under your personal profile. In order to download it, login to our website with your username and password, click on License List right-side menu selection.

If you want to subscribe to any of existing MagicDraw mailing list, please login to our web site with your username and password. Click on "Mailing List' right side menu selection, check appropriate checkbox and click the Update button.

First of all open "key.txt" file located in floating license server installation directory. Then remove key from this file and restart server. After that enter new license key for floating license server. All keys you can re-obtain from your personal download area, by clicking button "Send Unlock Keys":

Notifications about updates will be sent by email. The newest software will be automatically added to your personal download area.

The registration operation and customer profile help us to make sure that you get customer support and discounts when purchasing our products later. Customers purchased software (unlock keys and installation files) also is stored under his/her personal profile.

Sorry, we don't have our software on CD. We deliver products electronically.

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