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Specific Domains

We have integrations and partners with third-party tools to support specific needs. is the tool which allows you to generates C, C++, C#, Ada or Objective-C code for embedded systems from our State machines.

CoFluent Studio plugin allows to integrate MagicDraw with CoFluent Studio. By exporting UML models to CoFluent Studio, designers can use C/C++ as action language and generate transaction-level modeling (TLM) SystemC code to run simulations. Co-Simulation with MATLAB/Simulink is also available. The instrumented SystemC code coupled with CoFluent Studio?s analysis tools allows designers to observe the real-time execution of their models and extract performance figures like latencies, data throughputs, buffer levels, resource loads, power consumption, memory footprint and cost.

CoFluent Studio targets complex multiprocessor systems with rich application content, whether they are:

  • Multi-board (large equipments, distributed/networked systems)
  • On-board (embedded systems)
  • On-chip (SoC, FPGA, ASIC, ASSP)

Additionally, we are working on our own Simulation Toolkit which allows to run discrete event simulation and supports executable UML standards like W3C SCXML for State Machines and OMG fUML for Activities. Feel free to request demo or additional information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Model execution and simulation capabilities are provided in Cameo Simulation Toolkit for MagicDraw. This tool supports STANDARD BASED Statemachines, Activities, SysML parametrics execution, and quick UI prototyping based on MagicDraw User Interface Modeling diagram.

For more information about Cameo Simulation Toolkit please visit here.

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