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How to start the Teamwork Server on startup of Redhat Linux as service?

Please update TEAMWORK_HOME variable in attached script file (TEAMWORK_HOME="/teamwork/MagicDraw_Teamwork_Server/bin") according to your installation path bin dir.

Copy the "teamwork" service script to /etc/init.d.

Then as a root enable the "teamwork" service for runlevel 3 using following commands:

cd /etc/rc3.d

ln -s ../init.d/teamwork S99teamwork

RedHat based Linux distrubutions the service run levels may be configured using "chkconfig" command.

You may test the "teamwork" service using "service" command.

Use "service teamwork start" command to start MagicDraw Teamwork Server

Use "service teamwork stop" command to stop MagicDraw Teamwork Server

Use "service teamwork status" command to check if MagicDraw Teamwork

Server is running.

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