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How to upgrade the Teamwork Server?

Instructions how to upgrade teamwork server:

1. Stop the Teamwork Server.

2. Remove NT service from the teamwork server (if it was added).

3. Install a new version of the Teamwork Server and run it.

4. When the Import configuration dialog box appears, provide earlier version installation directory, to import configurations from it. 5. Select checkbox Import all projects in order to import teamwork projects from earlier Teamwork Server version.

6. Start new Teamwork Server (add NT service if needed).

7. Install new client version.

8. Uninstall old Teamwork Server.

Newer version install will not detect nor uninstall older one service. Projects should be imported manually. Project server and client version should be the same and cannot be mixed up. Also we recommend to use the same JVM version for server an client.

Importing projects from previous Teamwork Server version.

If you had previous Teamwork Server version with projects stored, it is possible to import them automatically using MagicDraw GUI or perform manual migration.

To import projects using GUI

1. After installation is complete and Teamwork Server is launched first time, the Import Configuration dialog box opens.

2. Path to the previous Teamwork Server installation, which was found in your computer, is specified in the Location text box. You can change this path by clicking "..." button.

3. Select the Import all projects check box for projects transfer to the newest Teamwork Server version.

4. Click Import.

To import projects manually

Copy Projects directory with all its files from previous Teamwork Server installation directory, to the new /Projects directory.

NOTE Follow the instructions in dialog boxes to update profiles during project import.

If server is started on SVN/ClearCase repository.

2. Open Administrator's Console, trigger project export. Choose the directory to dump the data to. Chose the permanent directory (not some temporary directory) - this will be the directory in which server will subsequently operate.

3. In Administrator's Console, reconfigure server for work with Built-In repository; specify the directory where you dumped projects as a directory to work with.

4. Restart server, to use new repository.

5. Projects are now in a new, Built-In repository.

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