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We have a project in Teamwork Server with many versions. Old versions use large amount of space on the disk. How to clean up old versions in Teamwork Server?

Clean up of old versions is not recommended but if you really need it you should do the following thing:

1. Stop teamwork server.

2. Backup your project directory.

3. Go to teamwork server projects directory, find there file projects.xml and using this file find directory for project you want to clean up.

4. In this directory you can remove files XXX is the version number. Each version is saved in its own file.

For example if you want to remove all versions from 1 to 10 you need to remove and so on until Please note that:

a. You will not be able to open the versions you removed.

b. Do not remove latest version, in this case you will not be able to open project at all.

c. If your project is module and used in another project (project B) you can get trouble opening project's B old versions.

5. After clean up, start the server.

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